Sellers Prepare

When is the best time to sell? This is a common question we hear in the industry on a regular basis. Although there is not a definitive answer to that question, as everybodies circumstances differ, we can look at the market history and see July and August are particularly slow months for sellers looking to list their homes.
When September roles around, we usually see a spike in the market with people listing more homes, buyers out on the prowl (If you’re a buyer you should be looking NOW, call us to find out why!) and genuinely more activity.
This means for you as a seller, you should be preparing your home for sale. That includes a variety of aspects, but below are 6 key items that should be on your agenda:

  1. Can you fix up those small D.I.Y. projects such as paint and loose frames/sockets
  2. Should you be considering staging your home
  3. How can you declutter your home
  4. The marketing of your home
  5. Who is going to be your Realtor
  6. Your next step - i.e. buying your new home/investment property

As the saying goes, “if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” These are simple steps that just require some time to sit down and plan. It won’t take you 12 hours, probably just 2 in fact. But this minimal upfront planning time is going to ensure you hit that typical swing in the market running. If you’re planning to sell in the fall, you can turn this downturn into a positive and use it to maximize your results in the months to come. Not doing so, means you could miss out on the market frenzy September usually starts to bring. Not to mention the above steps are CHEAP! Fixing the paint or a loose plug socket is a minimal amount of dollars. Yet, when a buyer enters your freshly painted home it can be the difference of an instant ‘WOW’ or an instant ‘NO!”
You can work with your REALTORⓇ on all of the above points. They can particularly help you on points 3 and 6 and they’ll likely offer tips and tricks. Don’t forget, your REALTORⓇ has likely seen the market in the ups and downs so should be able to give you advice on what will help sell your home for the most value.
The quicker you sell your home, the quicker you get to enjoy step 6 - Buying your new home. It’s going to be your new home or new money making machine after all! Of course we recommend doing the buying and selling simultaneously, but if you can approach a seller in today's market, without a subject to sale clause, that puts you leaps, bounds, acres, planets in front of your fellow buyer competition.

Mcinnes Marketing has navigated the markets for over a decade. If you’re looking to explore the potentials of selling your home, feel free to reach us at either or Alternatively you can reach us at 604.771.4606 or 604.353.8523 where we are happy to help.
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