Can I or Cant I with AirBnB?

Posted on Oct 18, 2018 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

A hot to trot topic that’s for sure! Especially in the downtown market, in years passed, homeowners were capitalizing on the demand for tourist/stay-cationers accommodation within the city. It was legal (mostly) AND it was a great return. So what happened? Why have things changed? Is it still allowed? What’s the big deal about doing it secretly? Wh...

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Posted on Oct 12, 2018

Hello again and welcome back to the Mcinnes Marketing weekly blog. After a week of recovering from Thanksgiving dinners, we’re back at it again, today talking about price reductions. Never a phrase you as a seller want to hear your REALTOR say! Today we’re discussing the truth in when a price reduction is warranted vs a premature tactic ……..

Of cour...

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Buyer Hesitation, at Thanksgiving dinner!

Posted on Oct 06, 2018 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

This is a subject which has been on the mind of a lot of sellers and Realtors since the Vancouver market started to steady. It seems to have become a larger discussion, especially over these past few months. Of course, Real Estate 101 is a deal will be struck when the Seller and Buyer are in agreement with one another. So here, we discuss the possi...

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Area wide Realtor Vs. Specialist Realtor & what to watch out for.

Posted on Sep 28, 2018 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

The age old question when choosing a new Realtor? A query which comes up extremely regularly in this business. But for a consumer, what difference does this really make to you and should it be on your mind?

There are arguments both for and against each view. I know agents who do extremely well across the province of BC. I also know agents who do ext...

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Agents, Agents & more Agents!

Posted on Sep 20, 2018 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

It’s an exciting time! You’ve just decided to sell your home in search of your next family home! Maybe you’ve been searching and finally found your next home and ONLY need to sell your current one now? Regardless of any of the scenarios you’ll need a Realtor, and a good one, to sell your home for you. Unless you want to FSBO, in that case we will p...

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Investment Properties on Sale!

Posted on Sep 14, 2018 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

As a young child I was always told “Invest in Real Estate son”, it’s the best return for your money. As I was raised in London and home prices were ludicrously expensive at the equivalent of $50,000 Canadian dollars. I thought to myself “how will I ever be able to afford that” as the 10 year old child I was. Even further to my dismay, home prices w...

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