October 2019

Inspections - How Not To Overreact! 

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 in Buying Vancouver Real Estate

Inspections - How NOT To Overreact
DO NOT OVER REACT! I’m pretty sure we have all heard this phrase when growing up? Or when someone is about to tell us something? Usually that ‘something’ is followed by an immediate overreaction, regardless of the pre warning.
Well an exact situation like that occurs when buying a property.

You see, you’ve been extre...

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Fast Sales & Multiple Offers?!

Posted on Oct 18, 2019 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Fast Sales & Multiple Offers?! 

We had a wealth of feedback last week from a lot of you, seemingly in the same situation as Sarah, i.e. Property you are looking at has either sold fast, or you have lost out in multiple offers.

In case you missed last weeks blog/video, click here to take a read. In summary, Sarah asked the following question:

Q: You...

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Thanksgiving Special - Q & A with Ben & Jay!

Posted on Oct 11, 2019 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Thanksgiving Special - Thankful for YOUR questions!

This year we are thankful for all of our viewers and readers! As corny as it sounds, we are genuinely extremely grateful for your continued support, both those who have in turn trusted us as your representation, to those who watch to keep up to date.

On top of this, we are grateful for all of the qu...

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September 2019 - A.K.A The Balanced Market Begins

Posted on Oct 03, 2019 in Vancouver Real Estate News


Ladies and gentlemen…... We have arrived.

We have arrived in the official balanced market! If you have been keeping in regular tune with our blog posts, you will have seen the recent conversations have been ‘will we or won't we’ head into a balanced market. Well July and August saw increased home buy...

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