Christmas Mean/Funny Comments - 2019 edition!

Christmas Mean/Funny Comments - 2019 Edition!

Hello Everyone!

In the spirit of Christmas, today we are doing a tongue and cheek blog as it is my last blog of the year. Yes, you will be left in the more than capable hands of Jay Mcinnes for the last week or two of 2019.

So what better time to take a look back over some of our mean YouTube, Podcast and Blog comments of the year.

As you all know, we love each and every one of you who subscribe and watch our content. Mean comments or not, we welcome everyone as we purely have the goal to educate and keep you all up to date. But we do realize real estate can be a hot topic of discussion. There are always opposing views of what people believe to be happening next, or coming in the future. Like most things that rely largely on unknown factors such as economies etc, these are exactly that, unknown.

Because of this, we understand those who feel their views are the correct ones and what they believe to be coming is correct. It’s a highly emotional topic and we never hold anyone's comments against them, more than that we are actually extremely grateful for your time and for watching our videos, listening to our podcasts and reading our blogs. We love nothing more than starting a conversation on real estate and for all of you pressing on our data, our predictions, our analysis you helped us do exactly that so thank you. We truly mean it!

So without further adieu, let’s get into the good stuff! These are all random and in no particular order by the way...
(Oh and some of the users names have been kept private)

  1. Are you guys feeling the heat? Is your income going to dry up? Perhaps if the real estate industry and you agents had some ethics you would quit being greedy and unscrupulous.

  1. Look around at other world markets and quit being so self serving. I  hope the entire market crashes both in the sales and rental markets.

  1. (Directed at Jay) Thank you for finally asking him to stop rubbing his hands together!
  • The Sensitive Vegan

  1. Only suckers pay retail
  • The Sensitive Vegan

  1. Your two cents is worthless.
  • DT

  1. Realtors try to unscrupulously  inflate the asking prices just to maintain their commission margins.
  • DT

  1. LOL ok . (This was said when we predicted the market to balance out in the fall, which it did)
  • AK

  1. Can’t really expect realtors to be honest. (Also said when we predicted the market to rally)
  • Sharing Lungs

  1. Come on guys, you can do better.
  • MV

  1. With most real estate agents, this video is about as close as you get to an admission of the present crash.  There are a few who don't sugar coat a down market, but they are rare.
  • JK

  1. Glad to hear you are finally accepting reality
  • MV

  1. I think after the end of May, those arrogant bastards will become humble puppies.

  1. I am happy to see you have some frustration in your jobs and actually have to work for your money now like everyone else. Welcome to the real world boys.
  • Matie126

  1. Realtors in denial, how sad. Trying to spray sneak oil.

  1. Hopefully you two are squeaky clean. If you are not, lawyer up cause David Eby is coming for you. 
  • JT

  1. The level of rubbishy advice keeps growing. Have you considered used car sales?
  • MV

  1. I have socks older than you guys.
  • TF

  1. Not a good time to be a realtor. Suicides have started. Please look for another source of income.
  • HN

  1. You guys don’t give up trying to put lipstick on the pig
  • MV

There you have it everyone, WOW that was actually a lot more than we even realised haha. Thanks for reading along and we look forward to continuing the conversation on Real Estate with you all!

Until next week,

Jay Mcinnes
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