The SOLD Journeys E#5 - 305-1128 Quebec Street!

The SOLD Journeys: 305-1128 Quebec Street


WOW! Sorry, but this one took literally everything I had to get this result and I’m so pleased we got there. A few key points in this one:
  • Previously listed two times with other agents
  • Constant Market Watching
  • Played Frisbee to get this bad boy sold
  • 482 TOTAL days on market (130 with us)
  • Offers whilst OFF market
  • Sacrificial Christmas Decorations
  • HUGE trust between us and the owner for the final sale strategy

I feel I could write a novel on this journey, however I’m going to summarize here in this blog. So let’s start with point 1:

Previously listed two times with other agents
Before we came on board, this unit had been listed with two other, different agents. In fact, the property had been on the market for 352 days on/off before we even got involved here. It had been staged and gone through a variety of pricing models. 

Constant Market Watching
My first conversation with the owner was actually in 2018. At this time, the home had just come off the market and rightfully so, the owner was exhausted with the unsuccessful efforts. So after a really fun initial conversation, we actually promised to keep an eye on the market, give her regular updates, and see what going at it again in the future would look like. It wasn’t until 2020 (so essentially 18 months of this type of communication) we ended up listing the property. This may seem like a long time from initial inception, to actually listing, but this is very common with a lot of our clients' cycles.

Played Frisbee to get this bad boy sold
As mentioned above, obviously the property had had it’s fair go at the market before we came along. So when it came to listing the home, we were thinking of absolutely EVERYTHING we could do to make the home stand out. The space itself had actually been turned into a really awesome open plan Kitchen, Living and Dining Room. So much so, that we had our videographer record Jay and I playing frisbee around the home to showcase how much space you actually had to play with. On top of that, we really highlighted the surrounding area too. This type of home is a lifestyle, not just a property.

482 TOTAL days on market (130 with us)
When a property is on the market for this long, it’s easy to go stale and for both the agent and the marketing to kind of give up really. So we put so much hype behind this home to give it that new to market feel. We pushed it out on Social Media, had thousands of views on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, re-staging, agent opens, open houses, virtual open houses, brand new photography, brand new video and more.

Offers whilst OFF market
We actually did such a good job of the above, that the successful buyers viewed the home as their first showing. As buyers naturally do, they wanted to check out the competition in a buyers market. They liked the property so much in the end, whilst we decided to temporarily remove the listing over Christmas/New Year, they reached out to us and asked if they could still buy it and submit an offer. I won’t boast TOO much that they even pointed out the Frisbee video and they have a young child, so it instantly attracted them to the home, but I won’t say that ……

Sacrificial Christmas Decorations
Sometimes in order to sell real estate, you gotta break some balls. Yes, you heard that right. As mentioned above, they buyers had a younger child, so when they came for their showing, we staged the home with dimmed lights, Christmas decorations on, view of the city lights and water, Christmas music in the background and so on. Well this worked so well that the little guy ran straight up to the tree and accidentally broke some of the decorative balls. He was a top fella though and apologized profusely.

Huge trust between us and the seller on the final sales strategy
When we received the call asking to put together an offer, we got together with the seller to discuss not just the offer, but how to use it to our advantage to drive further interest just in case. Ever since we had been on the market, we were in a heavy buyers market downtown. We noticed things changing though as we got closer to the end of 2020, especially with condos. So we made the executive decision to come off market, let the climate build and then give it a go before Spring. Enough to let it build slightly, but also not waiting too long that we are competing with so much more competition. So when we got the offer, we stuck to that same game plan and we ended up having two groups waiting to be back ups and write an offer should the original one fall through.

We’re glad to say it all worked out and the buyers were successful. The title of SOLD ‘Journey’ really hits the mark for this particular one. Given it’s struggles before we came along, this was extra sweet to put everything into and get the result.

Jay doesn’t know it yet, but he’s buying celebratory drinks ;)
Until next week,

Jay Mcinnes
T: 604.771.4606

Ben Robinson
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