Marketing your Piece of Vancouver Real Estate FOR SALE

At McInnes Marketing we understand how Home Buyers Search, Research & Purchase Real Estate. With over twelve years of Vancouver Real Estate knowledge put into your hands, we provide a highly focused & individually customized Marketing & Exposure package for each of our clients homes.

Please view the fundamental pillars of our Marketing & Exposure packages below.

Always Open - 7 days a week, evenings & weekends:

knowing the realities of today’s busy schedules, we understand that the majority of showing requests to view your home will be during evenings & weekends. As a team we pride ourselves on being available during all possible showing request hours of the week, providing your home with as much direct exposure as possible.


Professional Photography:

By selectively working with the absolute best in Vancouver Real Estate Photography, we can guarantee that your home will be presented in the best light possible.  Providing photos that trend and gain attention from around the globe.


Professional Videography:

Video truly captures the essence & flow of your home. In working with the finest Videographers in the Vancouver Real Estate business, we will create a video documentary of your home & neighborhood that captures the true experience of living at your address. This is the best pre-qualification method to attract only the most determined buyers for your property to the negotiating table.


Professional Floor Plans:

Our professional floors plans expose every inch of your home, not leaving a single square foot behind. These plans expose the exact measurements & dimensions of every room & space in your home. This highlights absolutely everything we have to offer at your address, always painting the clearest picture possible for your targeted buyers.


Professional 3D Floor Plans:

3D Floor Plans bring your home to life on the page. This service takes the traditional floor plan one step further, by painting a virtual birds eye view of your home for all of your potential buyers to see. This service really highlights the space the home offers & really clarifies how the furnished rooms flow together.


Unique & Sophisticated Home Brochures:

We create your Home Brochure to feel like a piece of your home that a potential buyer can take away with them to remember your home by. We create a Home Brochure with the essential photos & information that will keep your buyer informed & thinking of your home long after they are gone. Our Home Brochures make sure that you properties unique features are highlighted to the fullest, allowing them to be easily remembered by your potential buyers for days to come.


Central Web Presence:

Our central web presence at offers potential buyers one platform with everything on it. This is where buyers can find your properties full description along side all floors plans, photos, video, blog posts, mortgage calculator & so much more! This makes the transfer of your homes information as clear, easy & precise as possible.


Dynamic Mobile Web Presence:

With over 80% of Real Estate searches happening from the palm of buyers hands, this is really where your property needs to shine! is fully integrated throughout all mobile platforms & is ready to highlight your property the best it can be via the phones of your potential buyers!


Targeted Social Media Exposure:

We aggregate your homes media content & specifically cater the details of your property to each individual Social Platform. With custom write-ups, hash-tagging, geo-tagging, Photo & video selection, your property will be circulated amongst our thousands of organic followers & tens of thousands of promoted followers.

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